We signed up for All Star Financial Aid early during our son’s senior year of high school. He was getting interest from a few different college soccer coaches, but no “full ride” offers for college soccer. We needed help navigating the athletic scholarships and financial aid options at all of the different schools he was considering. All Star’s expertise with college athletics as well as financial aid was so helpful. Our son didn’t end up with any “outside scholarships,” but the monthly lists from All Star were very helpful in at least seeing what scholarships were out there. Once he committed to his college and the soccer team, All Star was extremely helpful when we were dealing with the Financial Aid office. We were able to submit additional information and documentation, guided every step of the way by All Star, to increase his institutional grant aid by $4,000/year. Working with All Star Financial Aid was definitely one of the most important steps we took during our son’s college search and recruiting journey.
— C. Schumacher, California
I wanted to take a minute to thank you, and the entire team at All-Star Financial Aid, for the great work on behalf of our son. My wife and I sincerely appreciate all the phone-time, research, emails, and guidance we received during the process of getting our son to college. I recognize that ours was not exactly a smooth process, particularly with our son changing tack in the middle of the summer and opting to switch schools. But you guys took it in-stride as “part of the process” and we are so grateful for that. After 5 days living and playing soccer at his new school, we are blessed to report that our son is beyond happy with his decision and certain it was the right one. Not only has he told us that he is in the right place for him, he has shared how he is now able to see how God’s hand was at work throughout his college selection, recruiting, and decision process. My wife and I can’t thank you enough for all the wisdom, guidance, and assistance we received while working with you. You can rest assured you’ll be hearing from us before our next one is headed off to college in 2 years.
— M. Scasserra, Florida
Jen has been more than just someone who knows her Financial Aid information to me. All while at Greenville College, she was like a mother away from home, continually watching over the students and making sure our post graduate financial burdens were being properly handled on the back end. She took diligent time to walk me through each step and explain what was going on so I could make the best financial decision for my future. She has a special gift in her field, and you don’t come across genuine, compassionate people like her often. Now that I’ve received my undergraduate with a Bachelors of Science in History and Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration, I am humbled to have such a caring and knowledgeable professional on my side! Thank you, Jen!
— J. Akpore, Illinois
My daughter just graduated from high school. She is not an athlete looking for a college team, but like all parents we are trying to find a way to make her favorite school affordable. We know first hand how hard that is! I contacted Jen at All Star Financial Aid. Even before I decided to use Jen, she spoke with me for about 25 minutes. She was prompt, friendly, and pleasant on the phone. I have a decade of experience as a college coach recruiting players. I have spent a lot of time in admissions and financial aid helping my recruits navigate the process. I thought I knew quite a bit. In 25 minutes, I learned several high end tips that I could implement for my own daughter. Jen shared things I had never heard before. I was intrigued. In the end All Star Financial Aid made it possible for my daughter to attend a private school. She is incredibly happy and receiving a great education. We would not have received enough aid to attend without the help of Jen. I strongly recommend All Star Financial Aid because I believe you will come out better financially. Jen will give you information that will save you money, probably thousands of dollars.
— B. Drotar, Tennessee