The cost to attend college continues to increase. One of the best ways to help relieve the costly expense is to apply for scholarships. There are loads of scholarships available, you just have to know where to look. has created a guide that reviews and ranks the top scholarship search platforms. These platforms consist of online databases that list various scholarships available. You can create a profile and the platform will match the best scholarships in which you are eligible to apply. Below is the list of's top 5 scholarship search platforms of 2017. See the full list of scholarship search platforms. List of Best Scholarship
Search Platforms of 2017

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We highly recommend you check out guide. A few things the guide covers...

  1. What should you know about scholarships
  2. How do scholarship search platforms work
  3. What students should know before they search for a scholarship
  4. Guide to applying for scholarships
Over $50 billion in scholarships were awarded to students last year.
 There are five Scholarship Types: 1. College, 2. Civic, 3. Foundation, 4. Employer, 5. Company-Based. College Scholarships also known as institutional aid are offered at the college you plan to attend. Civic Scholarships are given by the community in which you live. these scholarships are normally based on how involved you are in serving your community. Foundation scholarships are usually given by a person, family, or organization that stands for a cause or in memory of a family member. Employer scholarships are offered to children of employees of a business. company-based scholarships are provided to students by businesses or corporations in An effort to give back as well as promote education.

There is nearly a scholarship for everyone. We recommend that you sign up for one of the scholarship platforms. Don't stop there! Check with your guidance counselor for any local scholarships in the community and check with your parent's place of work to see if they offer any kind of scholarships to employees of children.

6 Scholarship Categories

If you create a profile on one of the scholarship platforms, you will be asked for information that will cover most of these categories. Athletic scholarships aren't as promoted as other scholarships. You will need to do some extra work in order to be recruited to play collegiate sports and be offered an athletic scholarships.

5 Things to Do to Earn a Scholarship

It is never too early to start applying for scholarships. While the majority of scholarships are geared toward high school seniors and college students, there are scholarships available for junior high and high school students. Always be sure to work hard in everything you do. Being involved beyond your school work not only looks great on college and scholarship applications but it also helps you build leadership, character, and service.

Start applying for scholarships now! Be sure and check out's scholarship guide for more helpful information.