The Best Guide To: Finding Scholarships

Did you know that over $50 billion in scholarships were awarded to students last year? That is right, over $50 billion according to No doubt that is a lot of money. With the rising cost to attend college what better way to help fund your education than to apply for scholarships.

I know searching for scholarships takes time and a lot of work. Personally, I was awarded many scholarships my senior year of high school but I wish I had applied for more and continued applying for scholarships while attending college.

Scholarship 101

 According to over $50 billion in scholarships were awarded to students last year alone. There is nearly a scholarship for everyone. You just have to know where to look for college scholarships.

The great thing about searching for scholarships now is there are more scholarships available. With over $50 billion in scholarships being awarded, there must be a scholarship for almost everyone. You just have to know where to look. That is why we have dedicated an entire web page to scholarships. We have just launched a new web page called Scholarship 101.

This web page informs you of the types and categories of scholarships, and things you can do to make you a better candidate to be awarded a scholarship. The most exciting thing is the scholarship guide. is an entity that researches everything from A-Z. The team spent over 200 hours researching tools used to help student’s sort through all the scholarship that are available. Out of this research a scholarship guide was created. In this scholarship guide is a ranked list of scholarship search platforms along with other helpful information.

Scholarship Search Platform

 The best guide to finding scholarships is online. There are many scholarship search platforms consisting of online databases that will match you to the scholarships in which you are eligible.

A scholarship search platform is an online database that houses information about thousands of scholarships. What you do is create a profile on one of the scholarship search platforms and the system will match you with a list of scholarships that fit your profile. The scholarship search platform can also be used to help track what scholarships you are interested in or not interested as well as if you have applied. Each scholarship listed will have a summary of the scholarship, deadline to apply, and a link to the application. You are missing out if you aren’t using a scholarship platform.

Other Information scholarship guide has information that you should know about when applying for scholarships, how the scholarship search platforms work, what you should know before searching for a scholarship, and guidance on applying. You should definitely check out scholarship guide. Also check out one of our blog posts 5 Points of Advice to Help You Apply for Outside Scholarships.

 Every Saturday information about a new scholarship is posted to the All Star Financial Aid Facebook Page. It is a something we like to do to help students find scholarships for college to help pay for their education. Like us on Facebook!