When to Apply to College

There is a lot to consider when applying to college. Pursuing a college degree has become an automatic expectation of most high school graduates. Your student’s college application begins when they enter high school. Courses taken, grades earned, extra-curricular activities attended, and more all add up to the point of when you child applies to college. But when is it that your student should apply to college? Keep reading. In this blog post we will talk about when your student should apply to college, how many colleges to apply to, and how to not break the bank when applying to college.

The Best Time to Apply To College


The summer before your senior year of high school is when to apply for college. Your student’s junior year should be focused on studying for and completing the SAT and ACT, searching for colleges, narrowing his or her college  list, contacting coaches if interested in playing collegiate athletics, attending campus visits, and applying for scholarships. Yes, that is right, junior year of high school is hectic. At the end of your student’s junior year, they should have an idea of where they want to apply.

Most applications for the following academic year typically open the end of July beginning of August. The admissions office is usually focused solely on the current incoming class making sure all admission applicant files are complete and enrollment numbers are being met for the institution. Once students are enrolled for the current year they will shift more of their focus to the next enrollment class. Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot request more information and be assigned an admission counselor who will answer any questions you or your student may have.

Apply to No More Than 10 Colleges


It is definitely best to apply to more than one college but no more than ten. As the saying goes “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” this is completely true when applying to college. You always want to apply to more than one college. There is always a possibility your student may not be accepted or quite possibly your child could be wait listed. Another reason to apply to more than one school is for financial aid purposes. There could be a possibility of some leveraging when one college awards your student more aid but the college your student really wants to attend awards less.  

Don’t Go Broke Applying to College


However you will want to limit your college applications to ten schools. For one reason, that is a lot of applications, transcripts, ACT/SAT scores to complete and send. Also when applying to college, money can add up quickly. There are fees involved such as sending your child’s ACT/SAT test scores and most colleges have an application fee. Some institutions may waive application fees if your student applies early. Also there have been institutions known to waive an application fee if your student attends a campus visit or a planned visit weekend or applies online. It is an incentive admissions office’s use to get more students to apply and apply early.

So while you are waiting to apply to college, there is plenty to do in the mean time. The admissions process can be overwhelming and time consuming. Psst… You haven’t gotten to the financial aid part yet. We can help! Let’s talk! Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today. Ask any questions you like!