2 Reasons Why a High School Resume is Important

Are you in the process of helping your child apply for college and financial aid? One of the best ways to approach the admission and financial aid process is to get organized. A great way you can be organized is by having your student complete a high school resume.

A high school resume can help your child receive a better reference letter for college applications and help when applying for scholarships.  Read on to see what five things your student should include in their high school resume.


References for Applications

Some college applications require references. These references can come from many different people such as a teacher, guidance counselor, mentor, community leader, coach, club advisor, etc. The form of reference can vary from college to college. One college may request a reference to complete a form provided by the admissions office. Another college may request a reference to write a letter. Either way the goal is to see what type of person your child is and what others have to say about them. The best reference is one that can capture how well-rounded of an individual your child is. Providing a student resume to the person whom your child is requesting a reference will help give talking points for a letter or help the writer to better complete a reference form. Not only do colleges require references but some scholarship applications require references as well.

Applying for Scholarship

Several scholarship foundations are focused on involvement in extracurricular activities. Being involved in extracurricular activities is important. These activities help your child to focus on others and the community. Getting involved in clubs, sports, and in the community places your student with other people they may not meet or connect with in a regular school setting. Extracurricular activities help to build character, leadership, teamwork, and service. These are the things that many scholarship committees are trying to capture as they review scholarship applications. Many scholarships require a student resume. Some scholarship applications ask for an example of a community service project in which your child participated. Other applications actually require that your student complete a community service project in order to receive the scholarship funds. Scholarship requirements vary, but it will be quite handy to already have a student resume completed.

Also, when your child is completing college and/or scholarship applications, part of the application requires them to enter information about extracurricular activities.  By having a student resume already completed, your student won’t have to take time and think back on everything they were involved in.

5 Things You Need on a High School Resume

We have broken down our student resume template into five sections. These sections are education, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, work experience, and honors. In each section have your student list all the activities they have participated in and list the semester or month and year they completed them.

Education – List the high school you attend, the year you anticipate graduating, and your cumulative grade point average.

Extracurricular activities – List any sports, clubs, or community organizations along with the year. Also if an office was held in that organization be sure to list that also. Ex: Sophomore Class Vice President

Volunteer Work – List any services volunteered. This could be anything from an office aid at school to volunteering at the local animal shelter to helping coach a little league team.

Work Experience – List work position, place worked, and season and year worked.

Honors – List anything in which received an award or recognition. This could be something like MVP, employee of the month, captain of sports team, honor roll, student athlete, or dean’s list.

Feel free to download our high school resume template if you need to visualize these five sections or by all means use our template instead of trying to come up with one on your own. Now on our template we do include a home address. You do not have to include your home address if you do not wish to. That is completely up to you.

Happy resume writing!

Do you know of anything else that should be on a student resume? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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